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The Need for Arrhythmia Detection

Heart arrhythmias are a major U.S. health concern, with the potential to be
life-threatening and expensive to treat:

Arrhythmia increases

risk of death
by 2x

33.5M people
worldwide have an arrhythmia2

Heart disease costs
$219 Billion
in u.s healthcare costs3

The Diagnosis Gap

While mobile cardiac monitoring improves arrhythmia detection and patient outcomes,
several inefficiencies remain:

Lack of<br>Timely Diagnosis

Lack of
Timely Diagnosis

Delayed patient data
increases response time and
prevents prompt clinical

Multiple, <br>Cumbersome Devices

Cumbersome Devices

Patient compliance is negatively impacted by multiple devices, chargers, sensors and device connections.

Complex <br>Treatment Pathway

Treatment Pathway

Lack of direct access to care, without an office visit, can unnecessarily delay treatment.

Better Arrhythmia Detection

Introducing RhythmStar, the only wearable 4-in-1 cardiac monitor with built-in cellular connectivity that continuously and discreetly connects patients and clinicians for improved patient care.