Understanding Your Arrhythmia

An arrhythmia is an abnormally fast, slow or irregular heartbeat. It can sometimes feel like a “fluttering” in the chest or also be silent and have no noticeable symptoms. Many arrhythmias are harmless, but some may be dangerous and require treatment and management.

Arrhythmia Detection

Because abnormal heart rhythms and cardiac symptoms can come and go, they can be difficult to detect. Your doctor may want to evaluate your heartbeat over time with a portable cardiac monitor.

A Better Way to Diagnose

Unlike alternative cardiac monitors that employ multiple, bulky devices with limited patient support, now there is an integrated monitoring solution that seamlessly connects patients with their clinicians, accelerating the time to treatment.

My RhythmStar®
Life. Uninterrupted.

RhythmStar is a revolutionary
1-piece heart monitor that is discreet and comfortable to wear.

With built-in 4G cellular connectivity, RhythmStar allows your physician to better monitor your heart so you can live life without missing a beat.

The RhythmStar monitoring team saved my life when my heart basically stopped beating and a second-degree heart block was identified. I am deeply grateful for the service provided.




New, sleek 1-piece wearable and water resistant design is easy to wear and operate.


The only wearable heart monitor that uses a built-in cellular connection to keep you continuously connected to your doctor.


Friendly Care Coordinators are available 24/7 to answer your questions.

Every Heartbeat Counts

Expert, certified cardiac technicians review every heartbeat and immediately
alert your doctor of any unusual activity.


Snap one lightweight adhesive electrode to the back of the RhythmStar monitor and another to the red connector.


Remove the protective backing from the adhesive electrodes and apply electrodes to your chest.


If you feel a symptom occur while you are wearing the monitor, you can firmly tap twice on the device which may assist your physician as they review your monitoring data. The device will produce a slight vibration in response to a “double-tap”.


At any point contact a RhythmStar Care Coordinator with any concerns or questions.

Confidence in Care

Successful arrhythmia detection starts with your comfort. Our experienced, U.S.-based experts are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer your questions.

24/7 Monitoring Center:
Toll Free: 844-RHYTHM1

The RhythmStar® System does not deliver therapy or provide life support, if you are having a medical emegency, dial 9-1-1.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you receive your system from your physician or RhythMedix, the kit will include the RhythmStar Wearable Quick Start Guide as well as the monitor, adhesive electrodes, a USB adapter, and a USB power adapter. If you have been instructed to mail the kit back to RhythMedix at the conclusion of your monitoring service, a pre-paid return envelope will also be provided.

Yes, always wear your RhythmStar Wearable device to help ensure the Monitoring Center and your physician can access important heart information as promptly as possible. While the RhythmStar Wearable is water resistant, it is recommended that you remove the device while showering. You will also need to remove the device when recharging the battery.

If you plan on being away for several days, take the charging base and USB power supply with you so you can recharge the device. Do not forget to bring some extra adhesive electrodes.

For men, start by trimming the hair on your chest as needed. Clean the skin with warm water or rubbing alcohol and allow the skin to dry. Do not use lotions or creams before application.

Connect one adhesive electrode to the back of the RhythmStar Wearable monitor and one adhesive electrode to the red ECG cable snap. Then remove the protective backing from the adhesive electrodes and apply the monitor following the color-coded picture below.

It is recommended that electrodes typically be changed every other day. If your electrodes remain in place without showing signs of detaching, you may wear your electrodes for longer than several days. Changing the electrodes too often may irritate the skin, while not changing the electrodes enough may provide poor quality ECG data.

No, RhythmStar Wearable has built in 4G cellular technology and sends your heart information to the Monitoring Center via cellular network. There is no cost to you for data transmission and you do not need to use / pair your phone to the device as data is sent directly without the need for an external communication device.

RhythmStar Wearable has a built-in rechargeable battery that will need to be recharged when the battery status light begins to flash red. Several factors will determine how often recharging is required, but expect to recharge the monitor every 2-4 days of use.

The RhythmStar Wearable monitor should reach full charge from within 30 minutes to 3 hours depending on the level of battery depletion.

RhythmStar Wearable operates on extremely low power. The device should not increase in temperature. However, if the unit does feel warm, please remove and contact a RhythmStar Care Coordinator.

Unless your physician instructs you to return the monitor to their office, the monitor and related accessories (the USB adapter, the USB power adapter and any unopened packages of adhesive electrodes) must be promptly returned to RhythMedix to avoid any unnecessary charges. Place the monitor and accessories into the padded, pre-paid mailing envelope for return.

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