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Stay Simply Connected

The only wearable cardiac monitor with built-in cellular connection that eliminates the need for an additional communication device, improving patient compliance and arrhythmia detection.

Full Picture. Full Control.

  • Full disclosure of beat-by-beat patient data
  • Symptomatic events immediately reviewed
  • Connect live with HeartTime™ on-demand telemetry mode
  • Customized reporting and notifications

I don't get the same complaints I used to get with other systems because patients find the one-unit system so much easier to use.


Rapid, 2-Step Heartbeat Validation

Ensures high-quality data and reduced alarm fatigue with a proprietary 2-step heartbeat validation process backed by our proven algorithms, AI, customizable notifications, and expert cardiac technicians.

24/7 Expert Support

Our friendly U.S.-based Monitoring Center is comprised of Certified Cardiographic Technicians (CCT) and Certified Rhythm Analysis Technicians (CRAT) available around-the-clock to support you when you need it the most.
We are a Certified Independent Diagnostic
Testing Facility (IDTF) for Medicare and
Joint Commission accredited.

The RhythMedix monitoring center has been wonderful to work with. They are very attentive to our needs as a practice and have helped to streamline our workflow.


Streamline Patient Care

Triage patients with ease and accelerate time to treatment with
near real-time reporting.

On the go?

My favorite feature is the transparency of the RhythmStar clinician portal, which allows me to manage patients on my terms. The full patient data is easily accessible-no phone calls, no special requests, no fuss.


Flexible Practice Solution

Complete, end-to-end continuous cardiac monitoring solution

Multiple billing and service model options provide business flexibility

Intuitive inventory management and simple online enrollment optimizes workflow

RhythmStar® Resources

RhythmStar® System

Size (Length/Width/Thickness)  2.3" x 1.9" x 0.55" (58 mm x 49 mm x 14 mm)
Weight 1.37 oz / 39 gm
Display LED
Device Memory 30-day recording time (embedded flash) 10 years of data retention
Channels 1
Accelerometer 3-axis
ECG ADC Resolution 18 bits
Sampling Rate 256 Hz
Frequency Response 0.05 Hz to 125 Hz
Cellular Connectivity 4G LTE CAT-M1
Battery Built-in rechargeable 3.7 Li-Poly

RhythmStar® System

Size (Length/Width/Thickness) 4” x 2.6” x 0.5” (101 mm x 66 mm x 13 mm)
Weight 2.17 oz  (60 g) without battery / 90 g with battery inserted
Display 2.4” LCD
Device Memory 30 days of full disclosure ECG data storage
Channels 2
Accelerometer 3-axis
ECG ADC Resolution 12 bits
Sampling Rate 250 Hz
Frequency Response 0.05 Hz to 40 Hz
Cellular Connectivity Wireless 4G
Battery Externally rechargeable 3.7 Li-Ion

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The RhythmStar System is covered under existing CPT codes.

Mobile Cardiac Telemetry (MCT) Event Monitoring Holter Monitoring Extended Holter (3-7 days) Extended Holter (8-15 days)
Technical 93229 Hook-Up 93270 Hook-Up 93225 Hook-Up 93242 Hook-Up 93246
Professional 93228 Technical 93271 Technical 93226 Technical 93243 Technical 93247
Professional 93272 Professional 93227 Professional 93244 Professional 93248


If you are a CLIENT looking to make a payment, please visit our

If you are a PATIENT looking to make a payment, please visit our


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