Successful Patient Monitoring

Improve patient compliance with a system designed for patient comfort and ease of use.

Capture More Heartbeats

Improve the quality and quantity of monitoring results by streaming full disclosure data rather than only events.

A Better Monitoring Experience

Simplifies patient interaction with feather-light, single-component device

One patient device with remote transition between Holter, Event and MCT monitoring

Enhanced signal clarity with multiple ECG channels

Captures more heartbeats with daily patient compliance review

Clinical insights for diagnosis with timely patient symptoms and activity level data

Long-life rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery

I don’t get the same complaints I used to get with other systems because patients find the one-unit system so much easier to use.
Ihab G. MD, Electrophysiologist

Simplify Care with On-Demand Information

Obtain a more complete clinical picture with the RhythmStar® System to inform diagnosis and treatment decisions.

Watch Video

Optimize Practice Workflow

Support practice workflow and triage patients with easy and efficient patient management via on-demand data in the flexible clinician portal and RhythmStar App.

Streamline Patient Care

Continuous monitoring with full disclosure of beat-by-beat patient data in near real-time

Powerful cloud-based algorithms quickly synthesize patient data into actionable information

Easy clinician integration and workflow with online enrollment, patient triage, alert customization, and automated reporting

My favorite feature is the transparency of the RhythmStar clinician portal, which allows me to manage patients on my terms. The full patient data is easily accessible–no phone calls, no special requests, no fuss.
Barbara D., Telemetry Technician

Your Trusted Clinical Partner

Successful monitoring is more than the newest technology or a great algorithm, it requires an experienced, personal touch.

Support 24/7

Our Monitoring Center verifies every heartbeat, giving you confidence in the results and providing around-the-clock support for when you need it the most.

Expert Clinical Care

Verification of every heartbeat by a Certified Cardiographic Technician (CCT) or Certified Rhythm Analysis Technician (CRAT)

Friendly U.S. - based monitoring support available when you need it

Certified Independent Diagnostic Testing Facility (IDTF) for Medicare

The RhythMedix monitoring center has been wonderful to work with. They are very attentive to our needs as a practice and have helped to streamline our workflow.
Colleen N., Cardiac Technician Manager

RhythmStar® Resources

RhythmStar® System Technical Specifications

Size 4” x 2.6” x 0.5”
Weight* 2.17 oz  (60 g) * without battery / 90 g with battery inserted
Display size 2.4”
Patient Cable 3-lead 4-lead or 5-lead
Device Memory 30 days of full disclosure ECG data storage
Channels 2 or 3
Accelerometer 3-axis
ECG ADC Resolution 12 bits
Sampling Rate 250 samples per second
Frequency Response 0.05 Hz to 40 Hz
Download Interface Wireless GSM 3G and/or USB
Battery Externally rechargeable 3.7 V Li-Ion battery for 72 hours of typical use
Warranty Two Year

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The RhythmStar System is covered under existing CPT codes.

Mobile Cardiac Telemetry (MCT) Event Monitoring Holter Monitoring
Technical 93229 Hook-Up 93270 Hook-Up 93225
Professional 93228 Technical 93271 Technical 93226
Professional 93272 Professional 93227


If you are a CLIENT looking to make a payment, please visit our

If you are a PATIENT looking to make a payment, please visit our